Expert Wheel Repair Services

Get fast and affordable repairs for light cosmetic damage to your car without having to purchase a new wheel or rim.

Wheel and Rim Repair Services

Are your alloy wheels scratched, dented, scuffed or bent? We provide smart cosmetic repairs on your vehicle’s rims to save you money and time, instead of having to purchase an entirely new rim.


Alloy Wheel Refinishing

Fix scraped or worn alloy wheels with our high-quality wheel refinishing from natural wear and tear.

Curb Rash Repair

Remove curb rash, scuffs and other cosmetic damage to restore alloy wheels to feel like new.

Wheel Straightening

Our wheel straightening method brings rims back to factory condition to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Benefits of Wheel Repair

There are many benefits to getting your wheel repair rather then replacing them.

Cost Efficient

A fraction of the cost compared to getting a entirely brand new wheel

Fast 1-Hour Repairs

Our technicians can get all four wheels done in 1 hour or less.

Looks Like New

Wheels come out looking like new.

Increased Value

Damages to your car can decrease the overall value.


Wheel Repair vs New Wheel

A new set of wheels can set you back a decent penny, let us repair it and have it looking like new in no time for a fraction of the cost.

Wheel Repair
New Wheel
1 Hour
2-7 Days
Wheel Repair
$150 - $250
1 Hour
New Wheel
$800 - $3,000
2-7 Days

New wheels also require a Mount & Balance which can can cost an additional $50.00-$100.00

Our Experience

At Scratch Dent Ding we pride ourselves on providing expert services that result in your vehicle looking its best. We have over 10 years of experience in repairing wholesale rims, and we now offer that service directly to you.

We know that a scratched or dented rim can be an eyesore that impacts the overall look of your vehicle. With our services we can improve that in a matter of an hour at a fraction of the cost for buying a new wheel.

Prevent uneven tire wear caused by suspension issues

Increase the value of your car to buyers

Reduce the chances of alignment issues

Affordable solution for common wear and tear

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